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Kenya Blend



This coffee is a blend of top AA lots from ROI Estate in Kiambu County, Kenya.




Proceeds from your purchase of this coffee support Aussie Expeditions' overland adventures.


Nemo, our beloved 2006 TD5 Land Rover defender 130 started life as a UK utility service fleet vehicle until she was sold to us. We had her shipped to the USA where an extensive 2 year overhaul and customizing was undertaken. Nemo was not only to be adapted for round the world travel she was also needed to be very capable off-road to tackle places from Siberia to the Sahara and then to be the support vehicle for future Aussie Expedition adventures in Australia. She has received upgraded turbo and computer controls as well as heavy duty suspension and locking differentials, electric overdrive; solar panels supply all our electricity needs to run all LED lighting, hot and cold shower facilities, fuel for 1000 mile range I and 30 gallons of fresh water. On board diesel heating system, electrically operated raising rooftop tent with internal floor access for severe weather, front and rear winching systems as well as an onboard welding system. The vehicle is even equipped with 3 in-cabin bilge pumps for those high water river crossings. Multiple on board communication and tracking systems. Vehicle safety and security is provided by a one-off custom external exocage system which allows us to walk completely around the vehicle in deep water or mud/snow. Almost every square inch of this vehicle has been modified and all modifications were carried out by the owner.


A shared passion for the Overland Lifestyle, a love for each other, together with culinary delights, Land Rovers and animals have brought Shayne & Sandra together. The unlikely duo have cemented their relationship together over campfires, food, wine, moonshine, broken vehicles, mud, rain, sun and other tribulations expected with the nomadic Overlanding lifestyle they have embraced. Shayne is an Australian who has traveled the world since his early 20’s on Ducati and KTM motorcycles and in Land Rovers old and new. A certified Land Rover ACE mechanic, his skills in troubleshooting and fixing vehicles on the trail are second to none. Sandra, an American, is a certified Veterinarian Technician who has skills in animal science and a strong understanding of First-Aid care and treatment. Having mastered the art of Campfire cooking she is happier on the trail than in the kitchen at home…and it shows! Together with their Australian Cattle Dogs - Ash & Matilda, they continue to travel the Globe in their custom built Land Rover Defender 130, not only a base for living but an extremely capable offload machine. Shayne & Sandra have been invited to apprentice at places such as Dairy/Cheese farms in Wales, Olive ranches in Greece to Avocado and Beef farms in Australia, they use the skills they know and learn from their adventures to educate and train others they meet during their travels. They both hope to spend the rest of their days traveling as much as possible, pausing only to refill the coffers so they may continue on... Join them on their epic journey and culinary experiences at 

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