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About us

Original Overland Coffee illustration

From the horizon piercing roads of Namibia to the slopes of Everest, the world’s greatest adventures all begin with a fresh cup of coffee. And while we may not all go to these extremes, home is still where the coffee cup hangs, be it from the side of a tent or the impromptu kitchen spilled out of the back of your car.

Overland Coffee Company wasn’t started out of necessity, simply a drive for something much better than what was currently available. After decades of traveling the globe in our beloved Land Cruisers and suffering through the bitter taste of instant coffee, we decided the bulk was worth the brew and began packing whole beans or fresh ground coffee. Soon we found ourselves making coffee for the entire crew, every trip, because our coffee was consistently “so much better”. Understandably so, our coffee wasn’t just a chance grab from the chain store, rather hand selected beans from their seasonal source.

With generations of experience in the coffee field, we didn’t want to run with the masses, or simply rebrand someone else’s beans. We wanted a coffee that spoke to the soul of the explorer and adventurer in all of us. So we followed the trail, tracking great beans back to the weathered 4x4s that delivered them to market, fresh from sustainable, family run farms and farmer cooperatives. But our decision to hunt down the best coffee also gave way to a bigger picture. Beans sourced form small, sustainable, family run farms, means a smaller footprint in the wilds we all hope to travel someday.

If there is one thing that we have learned in our years of Overland Travel and vehicle born adventure it is to leave nothing but a positive impression in your wake. Great beans took a few years to find, but sustainably grown coffee will help provide a livelihood and preserve forests and habitats for generations to come. On the same vein we also hope our years of hard work will preserve long lasting relationships with our adventure seeking customers as we deliver Overland Coffee direct to your door or preplanned post office to intercept you on your Overland travels.