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Where does your coffee come from?

We source coffee from most coffee growing regions around the world, or as we like to think of it, wherever our overland vehicle gets us to.

Is your coffee organic, fair trade?

We source coffee from producers that grow coffee sustainably. Some of these producers will obtain organic or fair trade certifications in order to add value to their product. However, because we engage in the practice of sourcing coffee directly from the producers, we often pay more than they can obtain from organic and fair trade markets. We do this so that we can support the protection and enhancement of livelihoods and biodiversity in coffee growing regions.

What is your roasting style?

Our roasting practice is one of highlighting the coffee's characteristics of origin. These characteristics are influenced by varietal, growing elevation, soil makeup, shade, wet and dry processing, bean moisture content, etc. All these variables will dictate how we roast the beans so that they have the optimal brew strength and flavor profile when brewed. 

That said, we don't necessarily roast in a light, medium or dark roast kind of way. But based on the variables mentioned above, the beans themselves may fall in those shades when roasted. We evaluate them in a cupping/tasting process to eventually profile the roast.

How should I brew my coffee?

How you brew coffee is definitely a personal choice (and our favorite morning ritual!), but nonetheless there are a few things we can recommend for you to obtain the optimal brew strength.

Start with fresh roasted coffee beans that you grind just before brewing. The grinding essentially exposes the coffee oils to oxygen and it will reach oxidization (stale) right away. No bueno.

Depending on your brew method we recommend you follow the following brew ratios (coffee:water). Yes you will need a scale, any kitchen scale that weighs in grams will do.

  • Pour over 1:15
  • Autodrip 1:17
  • French press 1:12
  • Stove top espresso (4 cup 25-29 grams of ground coffee; 8 cup 40-45 grams; 12 cup 55-60 grams)

How much is shipping?

Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99 regardless of size of order.

When do you ship out?

We roast on Tuesday and Thursday and ship out on Friday via USPS 2-3 business day Priority.

Do you drop ship?

Yes, we'd love to be a part of your adventure travels and will ship to wherever you want.

Where can I get your coffee?

We are currently finalizing a list of retail partners where you will be able to get our coffee besides online.

If you are a retail shop that wants to carry our coffee, please shoot us an email at overlandcoffee@gmail.com